Black Ink smoke image cracking with area of effect weapons

It seems when you use area of effect weapons in the enemies black ink. You get an image break. I used a poison grenade in the enemy smoke to flush out two enemies. you can see the blast radius is removed from the black ink.

szy, I forgot to screen shot it.

Yes, it’s worked this way for a while. Explosives are one of the few ways to clear mist in the tactical layer

Yeah fairly certain that’s intentional. The blast either burns away or blows away the mist. Works with goo as well.

And fire weirdly enough. :smiley:

Supposedly the explosion consumes all the Oxygen in the area and starves the fire or something?

That is how they put out oil well fires, or used to, so makes some sense.

I understand the explosive clear stuff, but there still seems to be weird shapes formed.