Will there be an option to create a solider pool?

Being able to create and customise your own soldiers in advance of finding them in game was imho a really enjoyable feature of Xcom 2. I’m just wondering whether we might have a similar possibility in PP.


Just want to say I love this idea, it would be great to see.

Yeah, it’s a great feature of XCOM 2, along with how moddable the characters (and indeed the game itself) are.

I believe this was addressed already.
They have said that there will be a “character creation pool”

That might not mean an xcom2 character pool specifically, but I agree that it should have one regardless.

Something I care about is the ability to mod in more voice packs and have the characters nationality be reflected in their voice lines. I really enjoyed turning on the options in XCOM to match the language with with nationality of my soldiers, really contributed to the international feel of the game. I don’t actually recall if PP has a nationality list for the characters, but I love multilingual barks and if they do casting for other languages it would be great to have a mixed language option for people who don’t mind barks which aren’t in English.

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Totally agree.

Voicepacks are also important because they allow you to play as iron man.

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There you pop - Just turn the actual in game sounds off and then get a minion to sit on another laptop and click some of these every time you do anything in game.

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