Better FPS broke the game

I can see that the graphics got a MASSIVE hit to improve FPS, which it did. However im certain that the hit detection got a game breaking amount of reduiction too to theire preciseness or resolution. I hit other body parts that aren’t supposed to be there, I miss parts that are completelly in the outer circle and the last draw was when I used the rocket wehicle to kill a bunch of fire worms where one seemingly in the middle survived, ok, but I lured it to a clear opening clicked next to it and both rockets did 0 dmg.

At that point I know this game has fundamental problems that makes it the important remembered parts (where that one shot means so much) gets totally whomped cuz someone decided HEY GUYS LETS TURN SHADOWS OFF IN THE GAME CUZ YOU KNOW THATS NOT IMPORTANT IN A FULLY 3D GAME HAHAHAHAHA THANKS SATAN IM FINE AND YOU?!?!