BB6 Review's Review

So I went through the forums and Metacritic and such, and a very clear idea ia formed about Phoenix Point: it can become one of the great games, and it’s not the features or the cinematics that are missing, it’s just to shine shine shine what already exists so it shows the diamond hiding beneath the surface.

Funnily enough, most probably will be the Steam release, when the game is already in diamond form, that will take Phoenix Point to the pantheon. So, for me, the game will still be a year in the making. Keep it up and going, guys!

I’m hoping you’re right, but I’m still more than mildly pissed that I got sold a beta as a finished game. I’ll be really, really pissed if they start selling paid DLCs when the base game’s still so clearly not done.

Yeah, I was thinking similar. The irony is that with PP being an Epic exclusive, it won’t suffer from adverse steam user reviews in the short-term (I don’t know whether it’s just me, they’re a big factor behind my purchasing decisions). There’s still another 12 months to get things right before those start rocking in.

Yeah Steam users review tend be a negative tool at release or soon after, later it’s ok.

For me no they aren’t a faithful hint, just a hint among other. But when I browse list of unknown games, they have more influence than I would like, except when it’s on a very strict genre that hasn’t that much releases, tactical games for example.

It would be quite something to know how PP would end up without the Epic deal. Probably still delayed for another six months, no fancy videos, and even more probably Snapshot’s employees fearing for their future.

But of course :smile: Having that “Overwhelmingly Positive” tag makes much more in my decision to purchase a game than any Metacritic score. And in the end, we’ll always end up making up our own mind: as much as I love Dead Cells, I couldn’t put myself to finish Hollow Knight, and both are the same kind and Overwhelmingly Positive.

I just find it a really delicious irony for all the Epic haters if PP ends up a so-so game in Epic and a smashing hit in Steam

Huu in fact it’s the other way, when they don’t have the blue rate, I tend instinctively not notice the game, sigh. I know that very high rate doesn’t mean much for me, and rarely check it, it’s more blue or not.