BB6 Feeback: 3/10, Won't Play Any Longer Until Patch

I’ve said before this is not 1.0 release, but still a Backer Build, and in this case the least interesting BB, since it gave us the least of development regarding former BB5.

  • Loading times are the worst, and I’ll stop playing the game as it is just because of it, I find myself going for the cellphone as the game loads, meaning I have to entertaing myself frrom the supposed entertainment itself;

  • Visual design is still a mess, very cool designs, but go into scavenging site and everything is so grey I can’t even properly see where my soldiers stand, or which soldier is which, it’s very bad and definitely not Game Design 101 that I have to waste some seconds understanding where everything is;

  • This may seem an odd topic, but there’s no emotion in PP. I really don’t care about the bases, my troops, or my research, it’s just everything so “meh”. And I point it as very odd because I still have very fond memories of Fort Freiheit and the troops that died there, and because very clearly the lore and setting were a huge part of Phoenix Point development;

I believe the game still has the potential to be a great one, and I’ll be looking forward to 1st patch to address the worst things.


The lack of personality and individual differences for troops, bases, and even vehicles really is a huge issue. The framework of a good game is in there, but right now we are playing with clone troopers and bases that are meaningless.


My biggest fear with all of this is the upcoming DLC that is supposedly already in the works. Many of these things need to be changed or improved BEFORE we get more content. If not I feel like it will never get better and there is potential to really be great here.

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My thoughts exactly. From what I understood, there are now two teams, one for patching and solving base game, other for developing DLCs. No way to know how those two will overlap