[BB5] Why do we have separate rooms for health, stamina, and food

We have three kind of resources, two related to soldiers and one to geoscape.

  • Hit Points (HP)
  • Stamina Points (SP)
  • Food
    We also have people counter.

HP for wounded soldiers can be replenished by keeping a soldier in base with the Medical Room.
SP for tired soldiers can be replenished by keeping a soldier in base with Living quarters.

Now, I got the idea of Stamina, that’s a mechanism to stop you from creating a team of 8 super soldiers and using them in every single battle. I like how it’s implemented (limited stamina reduces your Action Points). However… I don’t get the idea of the necessity of additional room just to replenish stamina.
I see the personel counter on the geoscape, if I am correct it’s related to the number of living quarters in every base (each LQ is +8 ?).
However, right now I have something like 24/8?
If yes, why having LQ in a base in Dallas TX, have any impact on the number of soldiers fighting in Europe? It would make sense if I can hire base specialists and allocate them to increase food production/research/manufacturing.
Is food going to be a trade/recruitment resource only? If yes, why a number of soldier affects food status? If no, why we have a personnel counter?
Because right now I don’t see the point. If you want to control amount o soldiers by food, remove the personnel counter and LQ - and add stamina recovery to Medical Room.
If you want to keep personnel counter, just stop feeding my Texan boys with apples from Spain.

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I would have hoped that stamina would recover over time when your soldiers are idle. I guess they take tents and stuff with them because they don’t spend a lot of time in the living quarters. You would expect that when the manticore isn’t moving, your soldiers are relieving sore legs on the ground having a better time. Living quarters could make this faster possibly.

The way it currently is, I had to wait to find my second Phoenix base to build a second manticore and therefore have a second team that could go out when the first one rests.
Currently, you spend your time coming back to base (which is sometimes really far, like coming back from Paris or Auckland to Petropavlovsk in my current game). Looks like the Phoenix Project didn’t think about optimal coverage when they placed their bases around the world.

So I get why there is stamina (to avoid using always the same buffed up soldiers). I like how it is in “Long War”, in “War of the Chosen”, but here you have the annoyance of returning to base to swap soldiers … if you had enough resources to recruit some. And if you have only one Phoenix base, your second team is 2 soldiers (unless you build a second LQ).


This is living space to rest and relax. Only 8 people should be relaxing there at once. :wink: That counter on top of the screen probably is to show you how many people you can put in beds for a good sleep at once.

I’m not sure if you should be allowed to have more soldiers than you have beds. But maybe you should. Why not. They can share same space if… they take shower. :wink:

You will be able to have base staff, I wonder why it is not in BB5, because news were mentioning about that option.

Food is also for personnel upkeep. We have that counter to know how many people we can accomodate in our bases.

People need a space to keep their stuff, to relax, to sleep. Medical Bay is just to heal injured soldiers. No one should threat it as hotel for a good sleep, especially when someone nearby is screaming in pain. :smiley:

That’s exactly why I decided to write this post :slight_smile:

people also need to go to the loo, and for some reasons I don’t have to build the toilets :wink: we all know why these rooms were created. My point is that I can’t find any other reason to build LQ than to enable ‘base specialists’ feature which not available in BB5.
Because IF we are following the ‘real-life logic’ you should not be able to build research lab or production facility before you build LQ etc…

Research and manufacturing is controled by AI, which was mentioned in tutorial. :wink: I don’t know how it will be in final release but if you want please don’t build LQ.

If I hate apples it doesn’t mean that I won’t build Food Production facility. I am just pointing out that IF this is a final implementation I think it’s far from being optimal. You know… it’s called Backers Build and Game Feedback for a reason :wink:

Since when have soldiers needed beds in order to sleep? :wink:


No idea. From my initial training I remember eating Snickers bar while sitting on the toilet. because that was only five minutes you had before reporting to Srg. So we dont need dining room as well.