BB5 - Research/Manufaciton improvement QOL

I don’t know if someone else mentioned it, but I would like to be able to change the order of my research/manufaction queue and maybe be able to pause, change and resume it later.

At the moment you still have to cancel it and start a new list if you want to put something else in the queue.

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Yes! I got about 10 days into production of a vehicle and then needed to replace a broken weapon which meant cancelling and (I believe) losing all those days’ production on the vehicle. Assuming (and hoping) this is just an unfinished mechanic in the BB…

build time are to stupid at present way to long as there is a time limit on the game and you can’t really make anything worth while as it is, this needs to change drastically and fast! OR it is just gonna kill the fun of the game, it is that simple I hope they have addressed this in the updates!