[BB5] Recruited soldiers and loyalty to their former faction

I’ve just finished The Sixth Initiation mission for the Disciples of Anu where I had to attack a Synedrion haven and destroy all opposite forces to prove my dedication to the Exalted’s plan.
I took with me 2 Synedrion recruits that I managed to recruit earlier and they did the job without a word… and that’s what bugs me a little: my soldiers are too obedients.
Me: “Go to kill your friends, or even your family”
Them: “Yes sir, no problem sir”
I have moral choices to take during the campaign but the soldiers are a bit dulls, they have no personality.

What I was waiting for? Something like: “no sir, I refuse to get involved in this massacre” and the soldier stays for others missions but not against his former faction, or “Sir, this is my resignation letter” and the soldier leaves the ranks if I do the mission or the soldier stays but with more loyalty if I cancel the mission.

I know this is a baker build, so will there be some kind of personal factional loyalty system (including Phoenix Point) for our soldiers?
The soldiers’ loyalty could change depending on events and decisions we take, so some could leave our team, some could join for free, etc.
For instance, a Synedrion recruit can stay with a high loyalty to Synedrion and refuse to take part in any mission against this faction; or another one, with low loyalty to Synedrion because he/she had left Synedrion with losses and crashes, could be very happy to participate in a mission against them, and perhaps even give bonus in infiltration to the team or something like that…

I think this could give more life to the strategic part of the game because for the moment it is a little bleak (imho)


I agree wholeheartedly. This was the suggestion I made in a BB5 Feedback post earlier:

Suggestion re New Recruits : It feels strange that a new recruit will happily join an incursion against their old Haven immediately after you’ve recruited them from it (I tested it). It would be more interesting (and credible) if the loyalty of your new recruits was not completely solid until they have worked with you over time. Give them a hidden Loyalty Score which starts negative and ticks up 1 each time they complete a mission with you. If you send them on a mission against their old faction, they check their Loyalty – if it’s negative, they switch sides and re-join their old faction.


Oh sorry, I hadn’t seen your post (I hadn’t been on the forum for a long time and I was a bit lazzy and not read every post :innocent: )
I agree 100% with you !

Nothing to apologise for. I was just letting you know that you’re not the only one who thinks that way.
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Thx for the welcome ^^
I have read your feedback post, there are a lot of interesting things in it :+1:

I agree! :+1:
that would give us more tactical choices… decide maybe to let one of our best fighter at tha base because he would not fight (or not at 100%) against his own faction… and maybe be forced to bring a rookie instead.

There is nothing that defines the soldier’s faction, except for his outfut and equipment. Equipment is normally tossed between soldiers from fight to fight. So there is no “Synedrion” solder, etc.

Yeah. I don’t think those people are so connected to their factions as they can join pp when they got chance to defend their own faction. Maybe they are so pissed of so they joined you.