Game Over - notes from 15 BB5 campaigns

I’ve completed my 13th campaign in BB5. Well, I shouldn’t say completed. I have two game over sessions. The others were stopped due to various bugs, or the campaign just wasn’t going well.

A few observations “lore” notwithstanding:

  • With the planet in ruins and facing the Pandora virus - does it make any sense that the factions go to war against each other? Seems like the game mechanic should have Phoenix Point somehow attempting to unite the factions.

  • The ammo/reload bug really needs fixing.

  • Has anyone completed the Antartica mission? I attempted to bring two ships there and when I cancelled the start of the mission so that I could bring in the 2nd ship - the mission is no longer available. Text shows something about a missing key.

  • I’m finding that I’m spending points for some perks - but not getting the benefit. Like the additional strength. The stat boost does not show up.


Of course it does.

New Jericho for example just think that Disciples are another form of virus. Thus need to be eradicated.

For Synedrion, Disciples look like another form of loosing their free will (hierarchy under creature who is bioweapon creation)

For New Jericho, Synedrion is dangeours because of lack of quick decisions and their coexistence with virus ideology along their experiments with virus genome. Definitely less dangerous than Disciples, but still can doom humanity.

For Disciples, Synedrion is dangerous because of repellers technology and Synedrion ability to negate their god teachings. They look like infidels playing with the god’s creation. Despite that they are ideologist who don’t want to embrace salvation and fall under hierarchy.

For Disciples, New Jericho are just sinners who can’t abandon their sinful bodies thus having infected souls, who are probably beyond salvation.

For Synedrion, New Jericho are dangerous zealots whose only purpose is to wage war instead of finding real solution to the problem. And their meritocracy is faulty system where West can be considered as false prophet leading humanity to obliteration.

How about using the context of my question instead of parsing the end.
Facing destruction from the pandora virus and the planet in ruins?

Dude, take it easy. You will burn yourself out before game proper releases.

[insert Brexit/global warming/whatever-else-in-politics joke]

Since when are people capable of reasonable and unselfish thinking? :upside_down_face:

Planet is already in ruin since at least 7 year and there are still different factions instead of united humanity. And each of faction has their own, really different, solution how to deal with virus. So yeah whey will fight for their beliefs. :wink:

I corrected your typo :wink:

Considering average person is a moron, first one makes more sense to me, but whatever floats your boat.


It sure does. When Watchmen was released, I thought the alien destroying NYC (spoiler) was a really clever idea to unite mankind. But upon further reflection, so many things would go down the rail. Fanatical zealots would see it as a sign of God and blame other sexual/social/economical groups for the destruction. Conspiracy theorists would see it as a failed experiment of Area 51 and blame the government. Others, more reasonably, would think if there was already a freak of nature in the world - Dr. Manhattan - the alien could be a second one, and proceed to investigate further. With that in mind, we can extrapolate the same idea to the Pandora Virus.

So yeah, it’s a sad state of mankind that PP’s factions do make a lot of sense. But they do make for cooler gameplay.

Exalted will unite all those poor lost souls. If they won’t obey they will die and become part of their feast. :wink:

This actually happened in history too. When France capitulated in WW2 and various resistance groups started forming, many of them where fighting each other as they wanted to be in control if or when occupation would end. Before the invasion into Normandy, allies stopped supplying weapons to resistance for this reason. They basically didn’t want to liberate a part of country from Germans just to start fighting resistance groups which now could have tried to form their own government.

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No idea this had happened. Very sad, but, you know, mankind.

I think it should be possible to politically align two of the factions and unite them…all three might be pushing it given their differing agendas…

Although I just get a feeling that Sons of Anu are pretty much enviro-green tree hugging fanatics and Synedron and New Jericho are just a bit centre-right and inclined to work together.

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Such collection of marxists and anarchists? Nah

Well OK I agree with main position. But does it exactly means, that two thirds must die in the end anyway? I just want to see the ray of light in future, instead of choice between sorts of thrash :slight_smile: Just a hope on united mankind, even by the price of hardest ingame missions, no?

Nah, screw those Synedron pricks, they’re going down!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@SpiteAndMalice this could be a future thread: if you were drawn from a post-apocalyptic sorting hat, which faction would you be?

My own! :crazy_face:

Is it possible to have a source about that ? Because I never read it anywhere. Maybe biased information as a French guy.

I wouldn’t be surprised though as human nature is unfortunately like that. People will fight for scraps when they could unite to share something bigger.

First time I’ve heard about it from documentary on role of industry in ww2. I don’t remember it’s name as that was years ago, neither my youtube history helps with this (I’ve tried to find it). There are couple of books that talk about this too according to internet:
“Fighters in the Shadow: A New History of the French Resistance” by R. Gildea
“Soldiers of the Night: The Story of the French Resistance” by David Schoenbrun
another one was on accounts of British intelligence services operations in ww2, sadly I don’t remember it’s name. There where about 400 officers deployed in France alone and book is based on their reports. It was super boring :smiley:
British intelligence services called French resistance groups “Alphabet” as there was around half a thousand of them or more, each with it’s own name. To make some sort of sense of it they where abbreviated and hence “Alphabet” was created. A large number of these individual groups was organized into various unions, two large factions Gaullists and Communists, had a lot of political infighting but as neither was a consolidated “army” with a strict command organization, their individual groups and cells conducted operations against each other. Most of it consisted of gaining more weapons and supplies. At that time it made sense as no-one knew how events would develop.