BB5 on more than one laptop / pc?

i have BB5 installed on my laptop at home but would like it on my work lap top.

Is this possible?

Also when Pheonix point is officially released im assuming i can play in any location due to it being on the epic games store?

  1. I would say, as long as it is your PC and Laptop you can install it on as many devices you want. Using it simultaniously on more than one would require to buy another game license.

  2. Are you allowed to install software/games on your employers laptop or is it yours?

  3. You can copy&paste Phoenix Point if you don’t want to install epic launcher and download it twice.

Legally or practically? It is supposed to be DRM free, no?

It is and will be DRM free.

I don’t know any game / launcher who restricts the installation on only 1 PC, the games are bound to your accounts. The fact that SG allows the use of the game without the epic launcher (DRM), should not mean that you have to buy the game twice for your PC and Laptop. But to be 100% sure, you should ask @UnstableVoltage.

There’s no problem with owners installing the game on more than one machine for their own use.