[BB5] LOS and free aim issues

I’m having two issues with LOS and free aim in BB5 and wondered if anyone else is.

  1. The LOS lines that indicate what your LOS will be after moving seem to have become somewhat unreliable since BB4. About a dozen times or so (in about 10-15 hours play), I’ve had situations where an LOS is indicated but when my unit actually makes the move, it has no LOS to target. This has the effect of occasionally making the LOS indicator actually a liability rather than a help - especially if you’re close to the bone on APs and end up positioning units where they can neither make a shot nor retreat to cover.

  2. I’ve had a smaller number (maybe half a dozen) occasions where, in free aim, the target reticule (both blue and red) is definitely filled up entirely with target, often at extremely close range, but then when the shot is taken it completely misses. The first couple of times I put it down to me making a targeting error but it’s happened so many times now I really don’t think it can be. I’ve noticed it most when using single shot weapons such as pistol or sniper rifle but wonder if it’s also happening with burst fire weapons but maybe less noticeable if it only affects 1-2 shots out of the burst.

Had those issues as well. And I haven’t noticed second issue with anything other than single shot either.

One thing I noted in another post. You can sometimes lose LOS just by swapping weapons. Equip a sniper rifle, assault rifle and pistol. Go to a square that shows LOS and just by clicking on a different weapon you can lose the target.

Definitely had sniper shot very wide although the alien was entirely in both circles (not even close to the edge). It’s not the shot not being counted has a hit, I clearly saw it going wide, like super wide.