Free Aim in Close proximity (issues)

Did anyone else get issues with the free aim when using it in close proximity?

In BB3 when using the free aim in extremely close range (adjecent) you would basically compenetrate with the enemy model and 100% miss the target. Using the auto-aim didn’t miss the target (the weapon used was a pistol in both testl).

In BB4 I encountered a similar problem: sniper behind a half cover two squares away from the mind fragged target (diagonally, 1*2 I think) close enough to have 100% pistol shot on the head even if I wanted to miss it, but not to the point of having compenetration issues between the models. When I tried to shoot the head with the free aim to free the poor comrade, I missed two shots in a row (completely missed the target, 0 damage, no collision). When I tried to use the auto aim, I hit him, but not in the head (expected and correct).

Did anyone had similar problems?

(both this issues came up during normal game play, I wasn’t trying to test the limits of the aim mechanic)

same issue here. firing at close ranges can just miss. Shot at a crabby with both circles completely filled and missed visibly above where i was aiming

Yeah, irritating thing. But I mostly try to shoot not standing next to enemy but 2 meters away. And if enemy keep pushing then I try to aim at body part which is ‘most away’ part of enemy.

Yeah, I know that I can walk around the bug, but I hope this issues will be fixed in the final installment because they are a real let-down in the gameplay.

The problems I had in BB3 was because my sniper was ambushed by melee crabmen, and I wanted to maximise the shots I could take in them.

In BB4 I had a close formation with the heavy mind fragged (so I didn’t explicitly choose to approach the enemy in close combat)