BB5 Finally, we get a beam on Synedrion weapons?

Yesterday newsletter:

If the mail wasn’t from Snapshot Games, I would think someone does a great Job with Photoshop.

So, the laser weapons from Syndrion finally are now more like a laser, that’s great! I hope they will sound different to the other ballistic rifles now.

What do you think, do we see other changes to laser weapons too? I would love to see more difference to the ballistic weapons.

Changing how ammo works could be interesting. In UFO lazer weapons didn’t need ammo if I remember well.

Perhaps some kind of recharge mechanic? Or sacrificing firepower for lack of reloading?

EDIT. Or perhaps they could have enhanced armor penetration, with smaller damage output?

Yeah, somehing like infinitve ammo, very high accuracy, armor pen and smaller dmg (as you wrote in these seconds too), you could try to make something really different.

A downside from buffs could be a low(er) dmg, no bleed, high manufacturing cost.

Interesting… yesterday you say?
EDIT. Ok. Found it in spam folder.

I didn’t receive any newsletter. I’ve checked on spam and trash folders. Just sent an e-mail to snapshot. I also didn’t receive the notification when BB5 was released but that was solved later. I’m worried that i will not receive notifications by e-mail again on game release or anything else…

Are you subscribed to the newsletter via official website?

I believe this is where this email came from.

add to your white list. And for newsletter you need to subscribe via official site as Wormerine told.

Thanks both. It might have been a badly configured spam filter. I changed it and created another to maintain everything from snapshot in the inbox (main) folder.

Is it in bb5? from what I read it was just something they finished working on and to look forward to. BB5 still feels empty and everything but I know they left out a lot of content as well.

No it is not yet in BB5, just showcase in the newsletter, nothing said about it.