BB5 a bit buggy and still room for improvement

Just sat through 16 hours of almost non stop BB5 and I am rather impressed


Environmental damage from grenades/launchers seems minimal. Failing to damage what looks like a bus shelter when you hit it point blank seems weird.

Sometimes I can see the enemy through the window but it seems like it offers 100% protection to the aliens, never hit, them, never damage them

Loading time for the game is way too long.

Would be nice if we could progress beyond 7.

Had a couple of missions that locked up on the victory, had to reload.

Why doesn’t stamina recover when on the Manticore? Only recovers in base, although health regen is fine.

For single shot it offers 100% protection, but when you will send burst first bullet will break window, and next bullets will do damage to enemy. Strange but it looks like that right now.

That would require a lot more skills. :slight_smile: I hope Snapshot will just make acquiring levels a more difficult and longer process.

Health regenerates only when Manticore is in base with Madical Bay. Stamina when Manticore is in base with Living Quarters.

And a bit more…Tech research seems a little “light” shall we say.

With the exception of the autopsy providing 10% damage, its a bit puny.

No advanced weapons, no advanced ammo…and going up against mobs with 400 + health is a bit comical. Perhaps take a page out of XCOM 2 and give shredding/piercing ammo (unless I just haven’t found it yet?)

On my comments regarding “environmental damage” I’ve had walls going pop, which is fine, just some cover seems a little too sturdy.

Machine Gun…effective range 9? Marginally more than a shotgun!
I’m sorry but even in the “real world” a Mossberg is good to 40 yards, the AA12 to 200 (pushing it for an automatic shotgun) but the dear old 30 Cal goes out to 1000 yards plus and it’s big brother the 50 cal is double that!

Boom Blast doesn’t seem to function to reduce the AP cost - might be a bug, might just not be ready yet.

Tactical Combat can be painfully slow, almost to the “I’ll go make a cup of coffee while the AI does it’s thing” - and I’m not using a slow machine (although GFX is set to potato) . options to accelerate would be nice.

Would be nice if some recruits were not level 1 when they joined.

Would also be nice if recruits refused to fight their own people (nothing wrong with a conscientious objector)

Would also be nice if we could have a mining module at base as well as food/energy. How about selling surplus energy to the nearest haven, price dependent on range?

How about being able to disassemble an item to research its construction so you can then build more?

Salvage materials might be nice too - all those broken weapons must be worth something

More map variety, perhaps some rural/countryside maps, tunnel maps, large buildings (the building IS the map…image trying to do CQB in the Rijksmuseum?)

Hmm… it does feel wrong. I wonder if it would be possible to impliment for certain weaker materials to let the bullets through but provide damage reduction on first couple bullets coming through. It just odd to shoot someone with sniperrifle through the window and have the bullet stop on the glass.

My guess would be that it is not in the game due to spoilers. This is still backer build, not fully fledged experience - while it is there for you to test and give feedback, it shouldn’t reveal too much. Following from this: further weapons should have bigger effect on the enviroment - in original UFO destroying cover with starting weapons was tough as well.

According to UV video little optimization was done so far. Hopefully, laoding times and performance will improve before December.