[BB4] SFX for Crabmen machine gun

Currently the SFX for the crabmen machine gun fire sound very much like regular mechanical firearms but the crabmen are meant to be mutant biomechanical organisms, no? So maybe it would be nice for the SFX to be a bit more appropriate… Um, I’m not really sure what ‘appropriate’ would mean here - more, er… squelchy? Organic? Basically something that reflects the very different nature of the pandora virus weaponry to human engineering.

More broadly, have been playing BB4 for about 15 hours now and really liking things so far! I know it’s only a BB so just a way of testing out various mechanics and concepts but is making me eagerly anticipate the full game - muchos kudos.

I particularly wanted to say that the ballistics based targeting is wonderful. Before buying a BB license, I watched various YouTube videos and for the life of me couldn’t work out where the ‘to-hit percentages’ were or how the ‘VATS-like’ targeting system worked. Then I watched Unstable Voltage’s video about free aiming, downloaded the BB and it all became clear - there are none of those things! Having a visually-based targeting system is really refreshing (and, I think, unique?) and is easily my favourite aspect of the game so far. It’s even become a little minigame for me to try and score hits on multiple contacts with the same burst by ensuring all the targeting reticle is filled up with different bits of aliens standing in line with each other - so satisfying! :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!



I think I read somewhere that the aliens use weapons that they stole during haven invasions.

the guns the aliens use are human built guns that they have scavenged. They are just covered in alien gunk and barnacles. No I don’t know how they still work.

Haha, fair enough - I obviously didn’t read that bit of lore… um, so what about the Socrates II ‘laser pistol’ I think I looted from a Synedrion haven? That also seems to go ‘bang’ at the moment… hopefully just a place holder effect!