BB4 experience distribution function broken

  1. New recruits don’t benefit from phoenix points pool.

  2. Can’t connect for sure, since I don’t see the code, but new recruits seem to mess up the exp. distribution completely. My technician keeps hogging all the experience he’s already level 5 and the other guys are 2 max.

Hey there. Regarding the 2nd issue in some missions…

Seems like the uneven distribution happens in missions when technician removes the Mindfragger from a mind controlled character. Happened to me twice, both times the technician gets around 480 EXP (out of 500) and the rest of the team has like 2-5 EXP each.

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thank you, sir.

I have the same problem that new recruits from other havens can not use points from the PP pool.
But when I found a new PP base and with it got 3 new PP Recruits and they can use PP points form the pool.

Once, I had such an example, then I restarted the game and this did not happen again. He also made a small amount of dmg, so I’m not 100% sure whether it’s a bug or not.
I noticed that soldiers are getting xp on the basis of how many dmg they did and not how many kills they made.

Now i now… :slight_smile: It is a bug when technician removes mindfragger with his skill…
In the whole mission I did with him little dmg, he removed the last mindfragger and got a huge number of XP.

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