BB3 - General Feedback

That’s exactly the sort of handling update I was talking about, key shortcuts and the like for navigating ui. Was hard to think of the right words. Being able to use keyboard to page through things, fkeys taking you directly to screens, etc. Sorry, it’s hard to get across beyond saying what makes a modern ui vs the old ones.

The color coded movement is a fantastic addition though. Tac layer, I cannot remember for the life of me how the camera control works, but keyboard shortcuts if they aren’t there would also help. Pgup/dn for elevation type stuff (apologies if that was in from day one, it’s been a long time).

Vath, thanks for the suggestion, I picked up Sat Reign at release, just thanks to Syndicate nostalgia… And it is a fun game with a lot to say for it, though it doesn’t quite hit the same feeling as Syndicate, it’s the closest thing we’ve ever gotten since, for sure.

Originally there were no shortcuts, everything was via clicking in the UI. Here’s the control page for OXM and it’s all changeable in the game. So you can by all means map keybinds to what you want.

Also in looking for this I found the original mod for UD that I would use. It was XcomUtil and it was great back in the day (especially since it fixed various bugs). OXM is far better given what it does, but OXM wasn’t created until years after Util and Util was primarily a one-man thing as opposed to a collaborative rebuild from the ground up.

X-com is currently on sale in Steam for $1.24. And no, you don’t need Steam active to run OpenXcom. In fact, I uninstalled my Steam version once OpenXcom was installed.

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GOG has them on sale too, and you can for sure use them without a launcher. I believe for the same (-75%) price, but I have a nice 27% tax on everything, so can’t be sure…

As long as you have the relevant X-com files from any source (preferably legal…) you can insert them into OpenXcom and play.

UD and TFTD both work without Steam running as they run in DOSBox. Not that GoG is a bad option (it’s where I got all of my Might and Magic games), just pointing out that old XCOM doesn’t need Steam to run (you just have to open it in the default folder). I can’t remember if Apocalypse is like this also but I want to say yes as I used to just have shortcuts to all three games on my desktop.