BB3 - can't dispatch squad any more in a game

Playing a game, survived a few different battles. Had (yet another) haven go under assault; flew there with a squad, clicked on ‘Dispatch Squad’, clicked on ‘Join Battle’, and…the dispatch panel went away, leaving me on the geoscape screen. Tried several more times; same result. Killed time until another assault started, flew there, same result. Waited for another assault; same result. Am starting a new game.

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Did you hit F12? That’s a direct line to the development which would help them try and recreate the problem or find common trends with issues. It’s good showing faults in forums and all but cut out the middleman you know? Other than that I got nothing man.

Happened to me also, the very same thing. Did the F12 report and was just wondering that should i still post it in Bug section or does the one F12 do the job, but now that i see im not alone, im just coming here to let you know you are not alone on this.

I had the same issue after completing a few scavenging missions and then playing around with soldier inventories/equipment I wasn’t able to dispatch squads

Hey, I have the same issue. Still not resolved after nearly a year?