Soldier Selection blank, starting with hotfix/update right before ctuhulu

I only just start playing 6 weeks ago or so. The soldier selection screen on mission deployment was just but then disappeared. Now that side of screen is just blank so I can see list of soldiers and any equip icons. After ctuhulu, still blank on that side of screen. Any ideas? Not a big problem now but will be when I get to point of having more soldiers at a site than allowed so I have to pick and choose who to bring.

Did you verified installation in Epic Launcher? Do you have any mods installed?

I’m playing on XGP. Crap, I just realized that it’s the personel screen that is blank everywhere, not just squad deploy. I don’t see any other reporting this so it clearly just me, but boy that’s weird. What would cause this?

OK, so here’s what going. Whenever I resume my game, if the first time to display squad list is the deploy screen, then squad list is blank and also blank everywhere including personnel tab. But if I select the Personnel tab first, then squad list is good to go everywhere including deploy screen. And if I do forget and end up w/blank squad list, then I just exit to main menu and then Continue but this time press Personnel tab to make everything work fine.

Maybe this is happening to many more b/c I guess it’s rare to not check Personnel at some point before deploying.

Not for me - I usually quit right before next tactical mission, which means deploying is usually the first thing I do after loading. Are you positive that the game just didn’t finish loading yet. for me it takes time after initial load before personnel/inventory loads - However, that has to do with assents (character models) and I don’t remember manu itself ever not displaying.

Well I can definitely say that once I have a blank screen on Deployment, the squad list screen is always blank forever, until I exit and then continue game again. What kind of time are we talking for loading all the assets? 15 seconds? less or more?

Yeah no, it definitely looks like some kind of odd bug. If you can, trigger it again, and report it via F12 in game.

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