Unable to Deploy for Special Mission

Arrived at a haven that has a Special Mission: Haunted. However, whenever I attempt to deploy nothing happens. I tried leaving and coming back, but still unable to trigger the mission by deployment.

I think some of the independent haven missions are bugged. I know ‘Stealing Valor’ will lock you out of trying to do it if you don’t deploy when you first get to the required haven.

Yes but I didn’t noticed another mission doing that. You need load back if this happen or give up do that mission, I don’t remind this mission brings anything special, you can as well play it at next campaign.

While the mission I reported on earlier wasn’t a make-or-break one, I just encountered the same bug on an important special mission (The Schism). I have tried several work-arounds (move away/move back, do another mission and return). Nothing is allowing me to deploy for this mission. Not being able to complete this mission prevents me from following an ending with Anu faction.

For the record I have reported it via F12. But I am encountering bugs that have plagued this game since its release (e.g., lock-ups or missions not completing on enemy’s turn - which I also tried to report via F12 - however, the saved files couldn’t be uploaded - I have uploaded larger save files in the past - is their bug server get filled with files?).

Possibly. An issue I reported via F12 and voted on over on Canny got a reply from Snapshot, but based on what they said they were actiually looking at the wrong save file. So either F12 sent the wrong save over with the report, or when F12ing it just sends your whole save directory over as standard, and someone at Snapshot accidentally checked the wrong one in this case. If it’s the latter, that’s a lot of room for human error, especially if they’re getting overwhelmed with reports. If it’s the former, the bug reporter itself is bugged XD