Bases Location rebalance

I played a few campaigns, currently Legend, and I discovered 8 bases.

Distribution is counterproductive, I have bases in Alaska, Canada and Greenland,
but I haven’t a single one in South America, knowing that you will receive always missions in Antarctica, Symes included. You can’t protect other continents when you have only 2 aircrafts, one of them scanning and traveling there.

I would prefer 5 fixed location, North America, South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. The other 4 randomly.


Yes I have found this to, I get 4 or 5 bases within walking distance of each other and the other side of the globe is naked! Currently I don’t worry about the bases I get two do them up make them safe and don’t worry about the others if I find them I just leave them un-repaired and un-activated makes no difference to the game and is more easy to deal with I can leave a group at one with an aircraft to go between them and use the other to do the map, I don’t need to worry about attacks then as I have one group just for that which goes between the two bases. So no running back to base all the time…

But the thing that bothers me is team rest, they need a base for that purpose

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Actually they don’t need as much as you may think! I now play till they are really really unplayable, sure you lose a bit in action points and will power but usually you can do three or 4 missions in a row without to much problem! Then go back after this…:slight_smile: Not a real big problem in the end.

You are not quite precise, so I suppose that you mean that generator should check and spawn at leaset 1 on each of these continents?

Yes, we have to scan and discover them, but you get at least one in those continents

I agree 100% I’m getting tired of 4 base’s in just one continent and at least a third of the world that I cant defend


Who would not agree. :wink: Maybe devs will deal with this later on.

Yeah i find three off base deployments to be about right. They seem to recover quicker the less they are ‘tired’. So three with an emergancy deployment held in reserve and you should not suffer at all.

I would like to have a “JUMP TO” button for the bases I lost my base the other day and I could not find it anywhere (eventually did) but it drove me crazy! If when you look at bases and click on it, it would be great if you could jump to the location instead of dragging the globe around endlessly trying to remember were the hell you left it…) Because they just give you a base name not a location! ALSO… we need to be able to set the location of the recruits, having them sent to bases all over the place is a waste of time you need to then drop off one man (for room in the aircraft) fly half way round the world pick it up bring it back and swap it out… AND hope you don’t have any emergencies while doing it, just time wasting and needs to be fixed should not be hard to do they do it with the aircraft just add this feature to the recruits…DONE!

Being able to rename the bases would help with that as we can give them geographical names.

Of course, same here

I would like renaming bases , aircrafts and jumping there from the bases panel

About recruiting soldiers/vehicles I would like to choose where they go , like when you manufacture an aircraft or vehicle

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