Base personnel perks for soldiers

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As part of the Q&A on YouTube last night it was mentioned that Base personnel may be coming into the game at a later point in time.

I’d like to suggest a different way of approaching this: How about instead of having dedicated base personnel which amount to nothing more than a number on a spreadsheet, instead the bonuses that could be provided by base personnel are provided via PP soldiers in the form of perks?

The perk system already exists in game, however at the moment it only aids in battlefield operations, it wouldn’t be a difficult task to include new perks that might give a bonus to say production, research, building new facilities when a given solider is present at a base.

Doing this would give some interesting choices to players both when recruiting ‘‘Do I recruit the guy who has a return fire perk, or the guy who can make production of XYZ 10% quicker?’’ and when selecting perks for level up ‘‘Do I give this guy a return fire perk, or do I give him the production boost first?’’

Those solider could have the possibility to be taken on missions, (maybe even linking to mission objectives - ''this mission needs someone who will be able to perform research in the field) and in particular those scientist/engineer soldiers would be able to be actively involved in defending bases that come under attack.


I like this actually. Really gels with the “science nerds with guns” vibe we’re supposed to have lol.

You should propose this in the feedback forum

I have - (See the top of the OP.)

Here again too

Overall nice idea, but then we will require more recruits. Because soldiers with base perks would probably become constant defenders so we would need additional ones to be sent in the field. Otherwise base would loose bonuses when those soldiers would be taken on a mission.

And this solution would still mean that base and all facilities in it are self-sufficient and don’t require any overseer.

That’s where you want to be by the end game certainly - Early doors, you’d have to make some choices.

No, but I personally don’t think that that’s needed. - Unless again, there’s maybe someway to introduce as a perk. In fact you could have overseer perks for both base and field. Make someone a quartermaster or squad leader.

That is not a bad idea. It also fits the theme/lore of the Phoenix Project being sort of soldier/scientists. To make it really work would I feel still need a rework of recruiting/recruitment cost. An easy upvote.

Interesting idea and it could work, providing soldiers are not quite as expensive as they now. This is because peeling certain members of the ‘A team’ to stay at home could lead to some additional casualties on missions.