Changes to soldier training and recruitment

Some changes that I’d like to see to the way that soldier’s are recruited and trained.

  • Have the possibility to recruit untrained soldiers. These could be lower cost, readily available, and come without perks. NB - Experienced soldiers could still be available in the current, high cost, form. But a low cost recruit, especially during the early game, could be a necessity. - This brings the benefit of always being able to get new troops.

  • Allow the training centre to be used to train potential perks in fresh recruits. - This makes the training centre more interesting than its current form of just being a levelling device.

  • I’ve mentioned this elsewhere, but allow veteran/injured soldiers to be set as trainers at the training academy, thereby influencing perks. - This allows for a Lovecraftian deterioration of experienced soldiers, whilst still allowing those soldiers to be in someway useful. This also brings the benefit of being able to have some control over the development of soldiers.

  • Use the research system to allow for the acquisition of perks that could then be trained via the training centre. - This gives research some meaningful purpose, and again brings control over the development of soldiers.