Duping Bug! Two bugs in one! Reproduceable! Third Bug also discovered

Hello! I have found a duping bug that is actually a combination of two different bugs that is easy to reproduce!

When you are placing items in your soldiers’s inventories, if you click on an item once so that the flashing yellow highlighter shows in the empty slots, and then double click the same item multiple times to put multiple items in their inventory, the item icon will become “stuck” on the mouse cursor, and no amount of clicking will get rid of it.

If, while this item is “stuck” on your mouse cursor, you click the “next soldier” button at the top right of the soldier loadout screen, it will go to the next soldier, and the item will leave your cursor. However, when you go to the next soldier, or leave the screen, and come back, that soldier that you went to will now have the equipment of the previous soldier, overriding anything that he had on!

This is urgent and needs to be fixed, because it can actually ruin your game if you override valuable equipment with say, equipment from a rookie.

EDIT: I’ve also found a third bug that I can’t reproduce reliably. Sometimes when I scrap items, items that are below the screen (you have to scroll to see them) get deleted from my inventory. Really annoying.


Ah! So that’s how that happens. I’ve had a character’s items duplicated on another soldier before, never knew how I got to that state.

I was moderately lucky that I could scrounge items up to cover for it, but yes, it can seriously ruin a soldier’s use

+1 here. The cloning assets bug is really annoying, I found myself wasting a lot of materials just for the sake of having the same assets than before, even in the early stage of the game.