Balance Suggestions on elements and abilities

-Fire needs to ignore armor otherwise it’s pretty negligible we already have fire resistance so why does armor block it
-Poison needs to have customizable debuffs that you can add to it otherwise it’s essentially an applicable bleed without disabling limbs
-Their needs to be better spawning distance on enemies between objective (NOT A PROGRAMMER, but their should be a set distance between where the enemy spawns and where the objective are located maybe it can be implemented as a final filter/ layer to the procedural maps.) maybe this can also be fixed with setting up physical spawn points where the enemy crawls out of like a pit in the ground. (kinda like in the palace)
-melee is cool but needs more features to it, maybe abilities to counter, block or dodge strikes.  Execution animations would be cool too but that may be expecting too much. (maybe buff damage slightly or grant us the ability to apply elemental damage to melee weapons, maybe next teir research)
-I would love a mechanic where the smaller the squad is the more of a stealth bonus you have at the beginning of combat.
-Their needs to be cool down on level seven abilities, either make it where you need to have at least half of a characters will to execute them, make it once per turn or make them only reusable after you recover. 

dashing could be nerfed with diminishing returns where every time you use it; the cost increases and the distance reduces (can reset upon recovery)
Accuracy needs to be nerfed hard on both sides, sniping squads with cannons is just broken.
Potential fixes;
-Rage burst could buff damage but dramatically reduces Accuracy by 35-50 % even if you have a sniper helmet on the best way to use the ability would be to have an extended ammo from machine guns, be extremely up close to the target or go up against a large target.
-Rapid clearance could still be the same but every consecutive shot reduces accuracy by 5-10%