Thoughts on how to improve combat mechanics

Some abilities are just bonkers OP and need to be nerfed or reworked. They are fun for about 10 minutes when you discover them, and then they make the game stale.

My thoughts on how to resolve the issues:

  1. Tone down stealth so that a 100% stealth infiltrator can’t solo the entire game with no risk. By this, I mean make it so that the infiltrator can be detected if he shoots or comes into contact with an enemy.

  2. Remove Rage Burst all together. It’s busted yo. Not even fun to use.

  3. Add cooldowns to abilities like Dash, Armor Break, Rally the Troops, etc… Being able to spam these abilities is what makes the game feel way too easy.

  4. Make Mind Control require 2 AP for everyone. This would allow for more counterplay with abilities like War Cry, etc…

I think just these 4 things would go a long way toward enhancing the gameplay experience.