General Feedback about the game - Spoiler's

I played around 70 ~80 hours, that was in two campaign on legend, one that i failed the first time and the second one that i have finished the game with the phoenix point ending.

Overall look the game was with a good amount of bugs and some things that needed some polish, but was fun, the devs have good gem here and can make this game really a memorable game if they keep the love that they have for their game.

Now in some things that i would think that could improve the game;

  1. Being capable of seeing how much health the weapons that we are using still have, so i can manage if going for a bash is a good option or that would breal my weapon;

  2. Making the interactions with the havens leaders something more explicity, like "you go in a haven then you select the haven leader tab, that would you allow too see if he has any request’s for you, like doing scavenging site to retrieve some type of ore, or attack a raider base or even pay him some resourcers to get acess to information about the nearest sites;

  3. Mission variety, normally all the missions end as “kill all enemies”, missions that would need you to take one objective then, getting to the evac zone with the character that got the objetive would be a good type of mission;

  4. One thing that intrigued me was, “what happens to a soldier that keep a mindfragger in his body?” that would mean that since the mindfragger have some type of parasite nature, he would take control of the body and then start mutating the same until a point of no return, that would be a cool type of enemy for the game;

  5. Base defenses are a bit strange to play, since the mission basicaly is you in the front of the base entrance fighting with the pandorans. Soo in the base build managment we should have a first line of squares that woun’t be for facilities but for some defenses, that place would be were you put some defensive structures, like automated turrets of some type of bunker’s;

  6. The Antartica mission, that we go for the base were the team from Symes was wiped out, the map should have some types of contructions from the Symes camp, that would make the imersion better for that mission, since is a bit strange too the maps for seeking for Symes and that one for Antartica have almost the same layout;

  7. The transitions of the music in a bit inorganic, like you are hearing one soundtrack, then abruptly the soundtrack changes to another one, that really breaks the imersion;

  8. Would like to see some more enemy variance in the game, like the “hounds” that would be the base for the mutog from the Anu faction.

  9. Alien Citadel, need to be a two fases mission, like you have to clear your way trought a map similar to a Lair, to get to the Scylla room, and then fight against her. Some buffs for her health would be good.

  10. Mark of the Void ability is a bit annoying and can make final mission impossible if you dont follow determined team composiotions, should be a ability that a random number of enemies get their actions reduced for 1 and they lose 2 ~3 will

  11. Reduce the number of enemies in the final mission and make the spawn point bring more enemies during the last fight, that would make more pressure during the final fight.

  12. The capture aircraft mission are a bit weird, since you have to survive 5 turns, but there’s no enemy’s spawing in the map to try to kill you.

That’s all for now, hoping to see some free content mixed with the realese of the DLC’s to keep the game fresh for the players.

Thank’s for reading my bad english!

I agree with most of what you said but this part is the most important for me. Since i was following the game official page before the release i remember reading this:

" Diverse and dynamic missions.

There are a great many types of missions and objectives, often based on interactions with the other human factions. Havens will frequently request assistance fighting off alien incursions, but sometimes you will be asked to intervene in a conflict between the human factions. You will get involved in kidnaps, rescues, assassinations, sabotage, infiltration, haven takeovers and base defence missions. You will need to find out what happened to the Phoenix organisation, which involves remote locations and some missions with an archaeological aspect. Then there are the assaults on alien bases and the giant alien land walkers."

And i was like “well i hope those are not just excuses for repetitive combat missions” well, we have the aswer.

you know since assault class should be the bread and butter of an armed corps instead of bash things with their weapon like doofus could have a combat knife or a bayonet attached, this bash mechanic is dumb like no tomorrow.

I think the idea there is that you could just bring single stealth guy and don’t engage in combat at all. Get to the chopa and fly away. By adding this 5 turn defense they deny such cheese tactics.

Pretty much any class could have some sort of small melee weapon. Weapon damage on bash is probably a fix to remove some exploits, otherwise its just not very useful feature that doesn’t bring anything interesting to the table.

I guess mindfragged people just go to mutate into fish-people or get processed as a biomass for Y. Receptacle

Boys, I’m going to install XCOM: Apocalypse and play the shit out of it, while waiting for this one to get patched.
That one game from Gollop was ways too far ahead of it’s time and it’s sooo deep.