Finished the game on hardest difficulty, my toughts (SRIOUS SPOILERS)

First of all I love that the game changes drasticly over difficulty levels, like the fog of war on lairs. (had a blank ironman run in hero mode at first try of the game)
Please write in the game that multiple traning facilities having a stacking effect. (i don’t know if they do, but if they do people need that information) SinceI think thats the only way you can get back to the game after an initial full wipe that can easilly happen if youre un prepared.
Second, please somehow hint to players that they need to rescan near attacked heavens to re-reveal new bases. Some ppl might get it initially but it is a long shot, I think it is a fair information to be more specific (the green patches kinda makes it un-intuitive to rescan).
Third is a ballance issue of Rapid clearance+vanish+invisible double damage+ironclad+dash (+sniper mark for death for scylias) infinite combo (with stim if you feel overkill is a must) is a fun combo to win maps before the enemy turn, but obviously way too broken. My suggestion to fix it is either make reduce dmg to disabled limbs (yes individually calculate shotgun shell shots and once the limb disabled let the rest of the bullets do half dmg or less). The other version is to cap the will-power gain at max willpower (like how you dont get more move if you rally troops on max action points, altho Anu boss went over max willpower after mass brain crushed the enemy lol, yeah that shouldnt happen), and finally probably the easiest fix is to remove vanish invisible buff after the first shot so you have to re-apply that 4 point skill if you want the extra 100% damage again, or if the engine can handle it change dash so you cannot use ladders, turn more then 90 deg at a time, leap up platforms, or open doors.
Fourth Virophage sniper seems to miss arthoges launcher arm way too offten, i think the hitbox is off wack. And the advanced mounted missile launcher is a 100% upgrade to the original, and I found it suprising that that was the only item in the game that wasnt a side grade, but a complete upgrade in all areas, i guess whatever, but still. The rocket launcher is 100% bollocks. It is the last thing I would use against large targets as its only and single advantage is that it is super precise over unbelivable distances, but does dick all dmg, and not having an area damage even tho the animation have it is mindbogiling. So basicly it is a sniper rifle and thats it, but does less dmg. It needs a compelete rework as nothing is good about it. Same goes to mutated legs, it is superior to everything except sniper and infilirator ofcourse, still it doesnt say in description that you can leap up on platforms with it, which is op beyond belife.
Fifth The bio chain machine gun all ammunition unload infilirator vanish double damage sniper mark for death combo can 1 shot the last boss. Just make it immune to poison acid and what not lol. 3 out of 4 win endings are practicly the same with different colored thingie, that might need rework in the future. At first I tought Tobias will have me deffend some big dick laser that eats trough the boss, and Synderon would make me deffend the boss from rapidly spawning enemies while it gets reprogramed with theire gene magic. Would be more thematic.
Sixth Don’t make us waste fractions of action points when revealing an enemy its a dick move, i wont object if it stays in cuz its reasonable, but its nowhere fun and quite frustrating at times, if its possible fix that somehow.
Seventh make units invurnable in vehicles, reciving worm blast dmg in them is stupid. Its just stupid. There is no excuse its dumb and stupid. Apart from that Mutog leap should be 1 action point really, or have it benifit from rally. it might move a lot, but it cant move trough lots of stuff, so please, limit to 2 uses per turn if you can but still it should be able to leap twice with 1 attack seriously it supposed to be aggile. Or let it be able to mount and have all the fun in the world attacking while on him with my dudes :D:D:D:D:D

Final word. The game is the best. It combines old Xcom, the new Xcom, xenonauts, and ufo extraterestrials and upgrades on all of them. This is a masterpiece and the new standard for the future. Congratulation and may fate reward you for this gift to us!

P.S.: Yes there were a few moments when I sort of save scumed but they were moments when I actually killed myself with my own guns, like shoting trough enemy and hurint myself, losing quest only living weapon due to some ridicilious wtf bomb lombs and that one time when I realized that the explosive worms do not give a damn that my soldiers are in a fire resistant tank they all die the same way lolz.
So yeah basicly rather unintuitive game mechanics and one time item loses.