Backer Build 4 release date

Thanks UV. Godspeed in the hunt.

I guess I’ve just been having too much fun with BB3(even with bugs) and I’m anxious to go a smidge deeper.

I think by releasing Backer build 4 as soon as possible, Snapshot can reduce rage and worry from fans and backers

I don’t think so… It will be released only on Epic-launcher, potentially triggering some kind of response again from a part of the anti-epic crowd who somehow missed this part of the news.

Hopefully, by the time BB4 is released, everyone who is upset, will have a refund. Beyond that there is no reason to stick around and complain, beyond trolling.

Looking forwards to BB4 :+1:


Agreed. This is the first game I’ve gotten so firmly behind at pre-alpha, can’t wait to see it evolve.

when’s this build coming out man.

From UnstableVoltage above, hopefully not long now.

Oh okay. thanks… :frowning:

GoG(who has had some questionable behavior recently)

What are you referring to? I’m still in the GOG-is-the-best blissful ignorance.

Not sure which one he refers to, but the most important should be the removal of regional pricing. ( )

Hardly questionable - more “we might be in financial troubles” behaviour, which worries me quite a bit.

I’m not going to go into it. There’s already been enough hostility in the forums.

Nothing major at the moment, but I’m keeping an eye out on them. Yer interested, you can do some research.

Can’t wait for BB4 to come out so all the negativity on the forums can disappear and we will have something better to talk about!

Like… I just had a squad of 4 mechanics, all with assault rifles, on over watch, in an alien base mission. Crabman runs around corner and ALL 4 FUMBLE AT THE SAME TIME!! WTH MAN!! :man_facepalming:

I’m not into negativity any more. They can comment and release their vents. I wait for BB4 just to see something new and all previous bugs fixed. :wink:

Definitely that crabman had to be scary. :wink: In close quarters I would prefer to use Defender instead of AR-50. With technician lack of proficiency toward AR they are probably similarly inaccurate as Defenders, damage outcome is similar, but Defender offers greater mobility. And of course there is this Fumble mechanic. :wink:

By the way, is there an information on how different types of firearms work with different types of soldiers?

I’m not sure what kind of information you want. Soldier is either proficient or not with specific weapon. When he is proficient then everything works like with the numbers shown in inventory. When he is not proficient then 2 things happen:

  • currently firearms (so not explosive or melee weapons) have 2 times bigger bullet spread radius (so effectively only 25% of hit chance compared to proficient soldier)
  • he can “fumble” which means there is 25% chance of skipping overwatch or return fire shot or failing to reload magazine

And particular proficiencies look like that:

  • Every class is proficient with both grenades and Stun Rod.

  • Assault is proficient with Assault Rifle and Shotgun.

  • Heavy is proficient with Machine Gun and Grenade Launcher.

  • Sniper is proficient with Sniper Rifle and both Pistols.

  • Technician is proficient with Defender.

  • Missile Launcher can be only used by Heavy so it is hard to say if anyone else is proficient with it.

  • Mech Arms can be only used by Technician so it is hard to say if anyone else is proficient with it.

  • Turret doesn’t require any soldier proficiency, but still only Technician can deploy it.

  • Armadillo turret… I don’t know. I haven’t check if any soldier is proficient or not. :wink:


Thanks! That is exactly what I was looking for. Did you get those percents from the game observation or is there a document about this?

Accuracy I have from observation. Fumble chance was given by Julian here on forum somewhere.

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A bit silly that a sniper would fumble changing a magazine on an assault rifle. It’s not THAT different from say a pistol… Besides, I’m sure when you train to become a sniper, you also use an assault rifle from time to time :slight_smile:

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Well, maybe in post-apocalypse world snipers are not chosen from assault guys who train with assault rifles. :wink: But don’t ask me why it is in this way. :wink: