Backer Build 3 - feedback

At last I am able to join you people!

  • Strategic part

I’d like to be able to build refuel stations in the middle of nowhere. In original game and, for example, in UFO: AI, you are not limited by anything. Well, can’t build underwater, but there’s that.

Mist spread seems really fast, can’t really do much about it when all you have is a bunch of havens with negative relations and everything else is out of reach.

Manufacture is… well… this is alpha build, so I’ll wait for another build or two. I must say, however, that spending 5# to make a rifle clip when you cannot control how many rounds will be shot and when you gain only 5# per day is horrible.

Also, inventory sorting. Please. Pretty please.

  • Tactical part

Cover is WYSIWYG? Great! Now why can’t we hunker like in firaxiscom, or crouch, or go prone? It is discouraging to see you sniper’s head get shot off, like he is a darn recruit or something.

Endless overwatch fire from crabs with gun-arms? Seriously? As if X-COM had not taught us that firing line tactics works. Because if you fire enough shots, some will hit. Please do something about it.

Bullet physics. Can we get such factors as burst-fire, full-auto, single-shot?

Oh, and mandatory ‘weapon mods when’ note.

Standard disclaimer:

These are very early alpha builds, more like tech demos or proofs of concept. Backer builds have many unfinished systems, placeholder systems, and are missing several interconnected systems (this is the main cause of endless return fire, there’s no sight distance limitations, and, IF iirc, crabs have endless ammo right now). Similar things affect that crabs can use 100% movement and still melee, and why your turn ends on melee, even if you have 75% AP left.

Currently, balance is basically limited to “is it playable this way?” and not whether it’s actually balanced.

Dont worry much about the details until we get to beta. These builds are there to show us what they’re working on, and some sense of how things handle generally. Very few things, if any, that you see right now are close to their final implementations, and some of them hardly even resemble the final implementation (including the current geoscape game).

On the upside, BB4 is just around the corner, and will have a much more robust geoscape and Phoenix bases.

Edit: Also, welcome aboard!


Yeah, I know that this is alpha, or pre-alpha, or tale from the beginning of time where terrors lurked in the deep, or smth. :wink:
But this is exactly what I’ve signed for - to play early builds and to give feedback.
So I played. And so here is feedback =)

Looking forward to BB4!

Glad you’re here, and glad you’re excited for the triumphant return of our lord Gollop!

The disclaimer is more to recommend that we all just enjoy the BBs for what they are for now, and save feedback for when we get to beta builds, where systems are at least largely all there. If something is seriously broken, or causing game to crash, that’s a different story.

Suggestions like select fire are more appropriate at the moment, since it’s early enough for them to consider it, and could test it in a BB if time and resources allow.

And it’s really just my personal opinion to wait on worrying about certain things, like the Firecat being massively OP and such. No intent to stifle your voice, more to suggest we concentrate on bigger picture stuff we might like to see rather than specific mechanics in builds that aren’t quite where they should be yet.

I think the crouch/prone thing has been addressed previously, but I may be mistaken. Hunker could be a useful decision. Select fire on some weapons would be pretty cool as well.

For the life of me, cannot find any spot where stances were commented on by official sources so far, though there ARE some heated arguments about it, lol.

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Unfortunately there was statement that both won’t make it to the PP. Unless developers will reconsider their previous decisions. Maybe they will add something similar to fire options in the form of abilities? But I suppose not.

Thanks, I looked around for a bit, but couldn’t spot a dev comment.

We wanted to remove some of the very minute micromanagement that was in the original X-Com. This included having to rotate soldiers and change stances.

While both had their uses, they had their downsides too. Stances are partially implemented. That is, if you stand next to a low object you will automatically crouch behind it - but it doesn’t affect aim.

Multiple different shot types in a way conflicts with ability-based classes. So being able to fire more or fewer rounds and having a boon to accuracy are going to be perks and abilities rather than firing modes on each weapon.

makes sense, a minimally trained/experienced soldier will, when faced with a high-stress situation for the first time, tend to dump a mag at the target rather than take controlled bursts of fire at them.

There is quite many sources, so I usually don’t search for an official statement. I don’t have enough time right now. :wink:

The only stance I would want would be prone for Snipers. Would help with their accuracy and silhouette but at the same time mean practically any shot they get hit by is to the head. Might be a decent Sniper-specific action? While I don’t see it making it into the game, would be interesting to have Sniper Rifles where you need to be prone or against low cover to fire properly (ie when not like this you get an aim penalty due to the weight and size of the gun) and DMRs that don’t have quite the same damage or accuracy but also don’t have these restrictions. In fact TLW did the Sniper Rifle vs DMR bit (but with different tradeoffs), though when I first thought of it I was more thinking of the American Sniper movie and how it showed him carrying the SR on his back and using a different gun until he got to his perch.

Crawl/Walk/Run was also nice in Apocalypse but if there’s no Energy stat then it’s pretty useless.

Thank you sir. I’m sure you’ve said it before and probably will have to again, but maybe this thread will pop up in future searches and ease the load a little.

I do appreciate undercutting some of the micromanagement. It wasn’t ALL good back in the day. Although, with the way our cover works in this game, a kneel option would fit well. Outside of natural ducking when next to cover, since debris can block shots, just crouching in the open could do a lot. Definitely understand the reasoning though.

What about the “hunker” button the OP was referring to? I imagine here, it would make you not peek out, lower your vision distance to practically nil, and eliminate return fire. I’m kinda in the middle on whether it’d be useful enough to spend time on, but I can certainly see occasions where it’d be handy at least.