Backer build 3 - First impressions

First of all, let me just say that I really enjoy this game, even at this stage and I can’t wait for the proper version. Thanks for the effort you are putting into making it a good one.

Bugs encountered:


  • none so far


  • Random crashes, mainly in alien bases. Phoenix point crash report takes over fine.
  • Invisible crabmen or crabmen clipping in terrain.
  • Sniper climb animation needs work
  • Sniper on overwatch with pistol fires with sniper rifle
  • Had an issue where a soldier kept resetting his position to certain point after ending a turn (jericho haven map)

General Thoughts


  • Not sure if this is close to what resource types and management will look like but in my opinion it needs a lot of work. At this stage I find resource types oversimplified and I really cannot understand the existence of the tech resource. If there is going to be a research system in the game (I hope there will be) then the tech resource makes absolutely no sense to me.
  • This is absolutely subjective but I would like the geoscape to have more of a “biological” feeling to it (for lack of a better word). Something like a geographical map/globe with a high tech grid overlay (pretty much like in some geoscape prototype pics).

-New UI is ace
-I am really liking the new streamlined targeting system and the targeting info provided. However, I think the available targeting info (damage, limb/part loss consequences etc.) should depend on research done and/or previous encounters with specific entity (eg. soldier shot off sentinel head in previous encounter).

Thats all for now, keep up the good work! (this goes out to the community too, not only the designers!)

Those are more advanced materials which are not abundant but required for more advanced equipment. Simple objects cost only materials and more likely in range of 10 to 40. And developers don’t limit more advanced items like ‘super duper scanner’ with cost of 1,000,000 materials but 60 materials and 5 tech.