Backer build review !(im french and my english sometime suck sorry )

so I just finish 3 game of the backer build and like many other I will talk about probably the same thing

the graphic of game, just clear and beautiful–> I hope you’ll have the possibility to customize your soldier like armor color at least( help me know who is what on the field :stuck_out_tongue: )

looting box is cool --> but the inventory of every soldier is FAR to much permisive, once I had my snipe carring all the ammo 2 handguns and a machinegun and a buch of rocket whitout malus… is too much for one charactere.

music is awesome and I know it seem stupid but one of the slim alien have a gun and OMG I like the sound of it, it sound so powerful ! ! BAM BAM BAM…BAM

the free target is really cool and the differant part we an target who give penality is sooo awesome !

I cannot have enough of the boss XD

the return fire is maby too much present, too many ppl die ennemy and player alike , because of it. so or I feel mad because I cannot do anything about my guy dying(even if they are behind somthing) of I do not feel proud of kill because a I din’t earn the kill I dont plan it. plus the return fire do not consume ammo… it seem illogical in a game where you have to plan you ammo. bref return fire HAVE to be a skill and depleate you ammo

you really should let the body being loot like a crate

I think the heavy gunner is a little bit OP rocket+ jet pack+ heavy gun … in 2 of my 3 playthrough he take the boss by himself !

the alien is always alert of my presence… so I cannot have the fun and thrill to plan a attak or just scooting the area

the item create is show too much faster… let the player look for them and in despair

a cone of view and a fog of war will be a big atomsheric win

some surface should be fire through. I had my sniper enable to shoot with her handgun because a steel bar was in front of her eye and I was enable to free-target the alien

I know someone mention the range of mouvement and I’m agree, kneeling jumping, side step, etc etc should give more life and intensity,

I would like the camera center my men while they firing firing …

oh ! and the IA… the alien HAVE to act together, the first one have a shield ? let team him with a gunnertype and protect him while he shooting at me. so they will place them self near my man and have a better result whitout the risk ! and me well I will be force to find a way to pass the shielder of just destroying him or find another place to put my man

last thing, the ammo is limited so you have to let us a way to attak event whitout firearm like knife, sword, bayonette baseball bat !

Bref the game is awesome and have SOOOO MUCH potentiel I can wait for the next build :smiley:

You’ve made a incredible game guys ! thanks you so much !

Character customization is definitely something planned to be added into the game, as well as inventory/ loadout management.

Permissive inventory: This will most likely be changed, the inventory system only just made it into this build, so further additions will probably come. In original x-com, each soldier had a weight limit based on how strong they are. Maybe something like that

Body crates: Fairly sure this will be added as well, with some of the crates themselves being previously dead bodies as well. You used to be able to carry the bodies themselves in your inventory back in 1994!

Heavy/balancing: This build seems mostly to show off some of the latest mechanics, so balancing will probably come later on in development

Melee: I think this is definitely something that could be added/built upon. Especially seeing as the loss of limbs means you may not be able to shoot, so sending a wounded soldier on a final suicide run with a knife will wind up with some interesting effects

I definitely agree with most of what you’re saying here, the game has potential to be so amazing and it’s already showing!