Per-turn autosave request

I would like to put a request for a per-turn autosave (stored up to three at the time - so be able to reload up to three saves back).

Let’s just say that the game has some issues which I am reporting via F12. The latest one resulted in game freezing on alien turn, without being able to regain control. It would be less frustrating if I didn’t have to reload a save from before venturing into the mission to continue.


Same here. Game freezes and when I load last save I am usually in geoscape.

With so many bugs and crashes, auto save would be valuable. maybe necessary to finish the game.

I agree with this 100%. It’s a turn-based strategy game, so implement a turn-based autosave…

That would be a good feature, specially thanks to freezee etc.

100% agree with this. Several saves would be excellent, especially considering I’ve had multiple issues with errors loading saved games during fights. I don’t remember to save after every turn and to lose the progress I’ve made is extremely frustrating.

This should be done asap, because currently game freezing bugs make the game unplayable. Too much time is wasted because bugs, I will wait until this is implemented or game freezing bugs are fixed.

Normally wouldn’t jump in and post for something like this… but the constant crashes are still an issue so a per turn autosave certainly wouldnt hurt… especially since saves randomly corrupt as well… so an autosave feature that keeps the last 2-3 turns would be good…