Anyone Else Not Digging the Iron Man Aspect?

So, I’m enjoying the new build, but one thing I’m not enjoying is the iron man aspect at the tactical level. One misclick can send your character to the wrong level, enemies can randomly get stuck in objects and become invulnerable, and every time something like this happens it’s like “well, guess I have to restart.” Especially when you’re obviously still working on the interface and game-breaking bugs are coming up, it seems to make little sense to have no tactical and only one strategic save.

I realize “pro” players feel like everyone else should be a “pro” player or they’re not getting the “true experience,” but, ummm…Yeah. I have a job, kids, responsibilities and I don’t want to reroll maps half a dozen times. If I had seen in the advertising materials that this was going to be “Iron Man only” I’d’ve stuck with phantom doctrine or XCOM. Any chance tactical saves are going to come in the final game?

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It’s a lot easier to program a strategic layer save than a tactical one. The game is in pre-alpha. Mid-mission saving will be a thing, it just isn’t in yet.

That’s a relief because I’m super enjoying the art, the lore, the strategic layer most things about this game. Can hardly wait for release!

Agree with you…

Well, Underworld Ascendant came out today and it’s completely unplayable due to it not having saves.

However, I STRONGLY doubt this could ever happen in a Julian Gollop game. Just wait until they get around to implementing the save function.