Auto evac when all enemies down

There are some missions where you need to complete an objective, or evacuate. I’ve noticed that on missions where you need to evac, even after eliminating all threats, you still need to schlep all solders to the exit zone.

I understand that this might be to give the player chance to visit any crates etc, but it would be good if there was a pop-up option to just complete, without having to manually move everyone over several turns. Better still (and I don’t know if the game already does this), if the game handed you any resources you could have collected, that would be vastly preferable.

As it stands, this becomes a bit of a chore.


This would be really nice

agree this is +1

Signed - but please - make it so that ALL stuff laying around is automatically collected - I mean there is no enemy left - your soldiers have all the time in the world - hard to understand that you only bring back what you collected by hand - And here the auto-finish comes in the way … either I leave enemy alive only to get shot - or I finish prematurely - and leave valuable stuff …