Evac is boring after killing every enemy on the map

If you have killed every possible hostile on the map, I should have an option to Evac instantly, add turns for tiredness depending of their distance to Evac zone and done,
as it’s now it is very tedious

I am talking about side missions, not Lairs, of course


Yep…there’s nothing worse than a mindless clicking on an empty map.

“Kill all enemies” should always be an alternative objective (minding, that reinforcement in transit still count as active enemies). This should apply not only to evac but every “go to certain point on the map” mission objectives.


Couldn’t agree more. IMO, this has to do with extreme mobility. Because soldiers can essentially teleport anywhere on the map, the objective of just reaching some tile is trivial (consider the steal research missions, for example). So the kill all enemies objective was added, which of course renders reach the “blue tile” pointless.

Totally agree! Once the enemy have been defeated, just please end the mission…the pointless clicking to get to the exit is boring. I could understand it if there was a chance of being ambushed on the way to the extraction (this would be awesome by the way) but no, its just a pointless game mechanic.

Please fix

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