At least for basic PP Classes (the heavy the sniper and the Assault) We should have a way of choosing/training our own units

I fully get and understand that the Faction units should have to be recruited from factions (At least until relivant tech is unlocked) but Damn if I can’t find a Heavy gunner when I need one! So why can’t we train these basic classes ourselves without wasting a lvl 4 cross training slot?

Totally agree, it’s not long into the game that the other factions start elite training, replacing all basic troops such as heavies with technicians and APCs. They should restrict elite training centres to about 25% at most. Also allow new recruits from existing havens.

Not going to suggest this on canny because so much more important

If you look here: Recruiting Soldiers at Phoenix Bases , you will see that the devs themselves have proposed a solution to this.
I highly recommend that you go to that Canny page and add your own thoughts into the mix. They are listenting, People - doesn’t mean you’re gonna get exactly what you want, but they are listening.