Upgraded haven training grounds problems

It feels like I’m complaining about luxury problems or maybe I just play the game too slowly, but as soon as the factions get the new classes researched which happens fairly early on (especially Synedrion and New Jericho) they seem to immediately try to upgrade their training centres. This leaves me with a shortage of the original classes aka assault, heavy and sniper, since the elite places only seem to produce the upgraded versions/vehicles. This especially hurts because a sniper/heavy combo can be great in some cases. Am I missing something? Do I need to destroy their elite training centres so they go back to regular? I’d love to get some advice on this matter.

I have the same issue so it’s not just you. I can have all the Technicians, Armadillos, Infiltrators, Priests, and Berserkers I like but not a heavy or simple sniper to be found. The recruits don’t seem to cycle either, once available you either recruit them or they sit there forever and take up space.