Armadillo wheel graphics concerns

As the title says, these things aren’t bugs but concerns.

UV has mentioned that the Armadillo is supposed to have Mecanum wheels. Is this still the case?

If so 2 issues:

  1. the rollers on the front left and rear right wheels are facing the wrong direction to work as Mecanum wheels
  2. the wheels having 4 wheel steering actively hinders the wheels from steering to their fullest ability

I agree with you that the wheels from Armadillo look the same as they are used on vehicles with mecanum turning method.
But it does not use the turning method as used with mecanum wheels, as you already said, because one side of the wheels ist facing the wrong direction.

Armadillo with mecanum wheels and mecanum turning method should behave like that:mechanum%20wheels

Let’s be real now, it would look like turning a box and there would be no animations other than spinning wheels. Right now even the gun turret does not turn, but the whole armadillo is turning.

For me personally, it would look terrible to see Armadillo turning like a box. Not to mention patents for mecanum turning method which may be involved. :wink:

Armadillo is currently behaving like this and this also looks interesting:

@Kings_Rook what you think, what would look better on Armadillo?

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@Sodin personally, I like the Mecanum wheels better. Especially if they add in the ability for the vehicle to crab and rotate freely, or rotate as it travels to it’s destination. Maybe even add the ability to choose its facing when it arrives at its destination.

But people that don’t know about Mechanum wheels would complain about the Armadillo not traveling correctly if it had them. Reality is Unrealistic after all.

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