Are turns/roll results pre-determined (anti-save-scumming)


If I move a dude and shoot at the enemy, will it be 100% same results if i reload right before that turn every time? Is the roll result of all possible actions determined before the dude actually activates?

Not in my experience - but that is based on reloading after a crash so it might be different.

You question implies that you’r expecting an XCOM-style %age system, and PP is very different to that. Say you fire a burst of 3 shots, each of those shots has a 50% chance of passing through the centre of your targeting circle - but if it doesn’t, it just keeps going until it hits something.

As I say, I can only speak from experience of crashes, but a good example was the first NJ Faction Mission. This has a pre-set building layout and a pre-set number of Chirons and (I suspect) Sirens; but they and the terrain around them are all procedurally generated and the 2 times I reloaded after a crash, I found that not only were the aliens behaving differenty, but the type of alien and Chiron I was facing had changed - and the procedurally generated terrain between the buildings had also changed.

So certainly after a charsh, the RNG resets.


Ahh, I see. And interesting to know about the procedurally generated terrain and differing aliens w/ reloads. Thanks for that info, makes me more interested in the game!

This game has a LOT of potential.
We’ve only been testing Alpha Builds, so the balance is completely off in these builds and you get an awful lot of crashes - but each build has been better than the last and hints at great things to come.

I trust that Julian Gollup knows what he’s doing, and that what we will see on Dec 3rd will be a quantum leap better than the lab-rat maze we’ve been running around in for the last few months.

If it is, it will simply retire XCOM for me - even LW2 - it has the potential to be that good.

I really hope for that.

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Doesn’t that in itself leave things open to exploitation by the player? - If you don’t like the enemy that you’re facing on a given mission, just reload and go back in again until you get an opposition that’s a bit easier.

It does, if you want to do that - though I suspect that a Nest, for instance, wouldn’t alter its makeup as much as a Diplomacy Mission, as it is made up of certain types of Crabbie that have evolved in it.

And if someone does want to do that, it’s their prerogative and I wouldn’t hold it against them.

Just because I want this game to be punishingly difficult doesn’t mean that everyone agrees with me. I’m more likely to go: “Oh, it’s only Goo Chirons and Crabbies,” and jack out so that I can go up against Explosive Chirons and Sniper Tritons; but then I’m weird :crazy_face:

It’s no different to altering the Difficulty to a level you can cope with, which I do on a regular basis in XCOM (down as well as up). This is a GAME, and everyone is allowed to enjoy it in whatever way they like.

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It is just the case with randomly generated enemies. So probably part of story missions and scavenge/ambush missions happening outside of alien bases range. All other missions happening in this range has set of specific enemies (and probably also their count) so no randomness there.

The good thing about this is it makes repeated playthroughs less predictable.

One of the reasons I used to jack up the final Base Mission in XCOM1 to Legendary is you knew exactly what was coming, and the only way to make it a challenge was to make it as hard as possible.

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Me neither, I couldn’t give two hoots how anyone else wants to play the game.

It might of been something that the devs needed to consider though (assuming that they hadn’t already), given that the whole point of the opposition within the game is that it evolves in response to the player’s actions, and being able to just reload a mission and get a new enemy wouldn’t have pretty much made that system redundant.

Unless, of course, the system is designed to present you with an evolved enemy no matter how many times you reload - it’s then just a matter of what kind of evolved enemy and how many.

Fingers crossed.