Turn System, old or new?

I have been looking at PP for a while and am finally considering buying it. I am curious about the turn system though as I haven’t seen description on it.
Does it use the old Xcom system of so many action points to shoot, move, shoot again. Or move around a corner, move back around, shoot. ect?
or the new System of two actions, move-action or move-move?

I prefer the old system, but am interested if there is an improvement in PP on the new system if they are using it.

It uses the old system with full time units.

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It is old system but abilities don’t have such diverse TU cost. Usually they are like 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of Time Units (sometimes even 0%).

Movement is more streamlined, so there is no cost for turning soldier - no such things like crouch or prone.

And currently changes in inventory cost 25% TU instead of different cost for different items or different parts of inventory (I hope it will change little bit to reflect at least size of items and number of items moved).