Combat in XCOM vs Phoenix Point

Putting this in here because it didn’t seem to properly fit in the main category, I could be wrong, and for reference I am a big fan of XCOM (the Firaxis version) as well as Phoenix Point.

XCOM (Firaxis) Combat RNG

Phoenix Point Combat Free Aiming



More seriously (without wanting to be a party pooper!) I do worry that by making things a bit more simulationy and having a lot more micro-management Phoenix Point won’t feel as immediately gripping or have as much tactical clarity as XCOM. I remember being put off by the aiming and cover stuff in XCOM when I first played it but an hour later I was too busy enjoying the very well-thought-out gameplay to remember by qualms.

All the extra complexity is great if it generates fun emergent situations but not if it just adds extra faff and frustration.

To be honest, the main thing I’m excited about with Phoenix Point is the geoscape stuff. XCOM’s strategic layer always felt like a weird combination of bafflingly convoluted and too simple.

Based on my experiences with both the NuCOMs, and the backer builds, PP has more tactical clarity than the NuCOMs thanks to the more simulation based approach. Very WYSIWYG.

If I cannot see them, I cannot shoot them. Also had situations where I can see their gun sticking around the corner and my sniper can get a good bead on it and blow it out of their hands. Suddenly that enemy is just twiddling its tentacles for the rest of the fight

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