Anyone having issues harvesting living crystal?

Been playing a new campaign and I found two ancients sites.

First was a Mutane Gas site and I can harvest that resource without issue.

I have also found a living crystal site but I can’t find any way to harvest the resource. I tried sending a aircraft to sit there but nothing happens.

Do I need to research any new technology or build something special to harvest this stuff?
Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Keith McC

When I found a Mutane Gas site I sent 2 ships there.
After securing the site I sent one ship back to a base to recover.
I saw that no harvesting was taking place.

It turned out that the site wanted the ship I had sent back to base to perform the harvesting.

I don’t know if that’s a bug - it shouldn’t make any difference which ship does the harvesting.

But I can’t harvest from that site if I switch ships

both ships have crew? and if yes, have you tried to sent not-harvesting ship to other place and come back?

Yes - they both have crew.
And I’ve sent the ship back and forth to the site several times.

When the ship leaves the harvest stops.
When it returns harvest resumes.

Weird. I successfully gathered living crystal with another ship and different soldiers, after initially claiming the site. I don’t particularly like that the aircraft + soldiers are tied there, as it’s even slower than before to get multiple working squads (and use them!), but that’s another matter.

Well here’s another oddity.
I have a crystal site that I’m harvesting with no ship present.

Did you build the protector there? I haven’t yet tried that. Might be a bug as well, but if they can eventually be left to harvest alone (and just defended when needed), that would be pretty good.

I didn’t build a protector.

Hey. I got 2 sites and I cleaned them and got my flag on them. But I dont have any slightest Idea how to harvest the material. I am staying with my ship but nothing happens, or I don’t see anything happen. There is no option for harvest too. I come and back there but still nothing. I did not see anywhere how much I got from that material too.

Any tutorial how to do those? thx

Is there anyone who can answer that? I just can’t continue without knowing that.

OK, update on my experience with this.

  1. I found 2 sites near my original Phoenix Point base
  • I cleared the first one (a Mutane Gas site), left with my main team, then sent back another small team to sit at the site while I did other stuff. Now as time runs on the Gas gets collected.
  • I cleared the second site (Living Crystal) and tried to do the same thing. Sent the second team to sit there but nothing got collected - no idea why.
  1. I found another Living Crytsal site well away from the first ones. I cleared it and sent a team to sit there. I’m now collecting Living Crystal. The first Living Crystal site still doesn’t work - no idea why.

  2. Issue I have now is that even though I have collected plenty of both these resources I can’t build anything with them - It keeps telling me I need a Ancients processing site but I have no idea what that is - I tried holding both the Gas and Living Crystal sites with team but that didn’t seem to help.

They really need to make it clearer how this stuff is supposed to work.

Hope this helps some and anyone with more information - it would be much appreciated.
Keith McC

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Having the same issue. I managed to capture an Orichaleum site first, and successfully mined using two different aircraft with different crews.

Captured a second site with Living Crystal, and haven’t been able to collect anything from that one. Sent in a bug report using F12. Tried using both ships at the same time, different ship from the first, different ship from the second, different crews, nothing. I even had to defend it twice once now and still no Crystals! Needless to say, incredibly frustrating.

After you capture your first site and build an archeology facility in one of your bases, you should get a message that there are various sites on the map that contain different schematics held by either one of the different factions or an independent faction.

I imagine if that first site has been overrun somehow by a Pandoran invasion, you may lose the opportunity to start that path. But it seems unlikely; usually the sites are one of the “magnifying glass” type encounters on the geoscape map.

I’ve been doing those missions - I’ve got the schematics for several weapons - I’ve also got the resources they require. It just won’t let me build them.

answer for you guys:

So, as a summary, nobody seems to know if things are working, because the game doesn’t tell you how the new content is supposed to be working? I know there are info screens when encountering Legacy content, but we really need a clearer UI (apparently coming next in development queue) and better text descriptions (should have been in the game from the beginning). The ancient tech might be a mystery to the game characters, but as players we shouldn’t be stumbling in the dark when it comes to actual game mechanics.

We still have very un-intuitive mechanics in the old content as well. Of course by now I know how things work (mostly). I still don’t like how performing an autopsy on a weaponless Triton leads to being able to manufacture shotguns. Same with Grenade Launcher and Arthron autopsy. There’s absolutely no way of knowing that will happen. I only know that’s how it is because I stumbled upon that knowledge on earlier playthroughs.

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Heh, tbh I don’t know why we need to search alien corpses to learn how to make shotgun and grraneda launcher at a future we already got laser and gauss rifles.

To be honest, this dlc got may more then needed things as complex. I would prefer to fight to get ancient weapons themselves rather then collecting not 1 but 3 different resources. Those weapons should be unique rather then something a mechanic can craft at a workbench. Maybe collecting some items would be better choices to craft ancient weapons rather then mining.

This design choice is just right.

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@Yokes : [quote=“Yokes, post:15, topic:11398, full:true”]
answer for you guys:


So can you clarify your answer? The first time I read it I thought you were repeating information we already knew. The two different sites of each resource: Are you implying that there are three mining sites and three sites you need to actually forge the materials?

No, you need only 2 different sites for each resource. And you need arch lab + aircraft with one man inside.

Just started getting to this point, found blueprints for three items and just sent aircraft (and paid resources) to start mining. I am playing on Veteran (to learn mechanics) but plan on playing Legendary based on knowledge gained. I am very much enjoying the game but don’t like how the economics are going even on Veteran. I feel like I could lose the game, having trouble getting beyond two aircraft and crews. All very slow. So, if you have to babysit with a 3rd aircraft, is this even worth the resources? The new weapons are super cool, but not sure I need them vs. having more resources for other stuff. I really like that there is another storyline to follow, but not if what you get just isn’t worth it. From the sounds of it, it seems pretty “grindy” on top of quite a lot of grind to begin with.
Regardless, enjoying so many things and figuring out plenty new mechanics to win battles without it feeling like the old “alpha strike” system. I do have a killer build with berserker assault with crazy bionic armor that makes all melee one point. This seems a little unfair, so decided not to use RC, as it would potentially break the game. Even without, using Onslaught, it is still pretty powerful.