Phoenix Point - Legacy of the Ancients - New Enemies - Sites

Three new resources are required in order to produce new weapons. There are six different ancient sites:

Orichalcum mine and Forge

Protean Mutane field and refinery

Living Crystal quarry and Lapidary

Also variants of the two kind of enemies, Hoplites and Cyclops depending of the properties of the resources in the sites.

You need those resources in order to produce the weapons after you retrieve the blueprints

Beautiful maps, music ans sounds, but you have to bring your best squad.

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I suppose you can describe sites what are they for and change thred title for it - not only new enemies but sites too.

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Let me know if you like it better now :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks good :slight_smile:

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I got sites but I can’t harvest any resources. Even my plane is there with soldiers, nothing happens. I did bot see anywhete how much I harvested too. I stuck. Can you help me please?

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I assume you have cleared the Pandorans? How many Archeology Labs do you have?

I don’t clean pandoras, i clean ancients and now they are mine with my flag on them. I got one lab.

I posted it,

you need the couple under control:

Orichalcum mine and Forge

Protean Mutane field and refinery

Living Crystal quarry and Lapidary

then you send a manned aircraft to the mine, field or quarry and you extract those materials

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I got a lapidary and refinery. So what will I do with them then? They are useless?

Without the Living Crystal quarry and the Protean Mutane field, yes, you can’t extract materials

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I just try to understand. I need both sites of that ore? Like Protean Mutane field and refinery both to get the mines from the field?

And I need a aircraft with man to get the mine. Why is this so hard? There is a huge balance issue here.
Because I just did the first 4 story mission and researched the sniper like it’s nothing at hero difficulty. But the get the mines, clean them, defend them and mine them with soldiers (which is very absurd) to make the weapon? This is a huge difficult spike here…

The weapons are great thats ok but why did they not make the story quests harder then?

Anyway, let’s say we done all… but having a manned aircraft to mine is ridiculous. Just make a auto miner like everything is automated at PP…


You understood it , yes

I fully agree with you , the process is complicated

and manned(vehicle or one soldier) aircraft mining is too complicated for many players, I ended with my own Guardians, all the weapons and hundreds of exotic materials using two Helios and many Arch. Labs

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Nice to have same ideas with a alpha tester. Did you not tell this to Snapshot?

You can finish the game with 1 aircraft and some soldiers but you need to have more to harvest something of a DLC material? This design is madness. As the sites are random so it’s already very luck based to get some of them and you need all of them for a sniper rifle which is an update for advanced Ap sniper?

If the game just don’t have much things to do already, I can understand that, this is purpose for just filling those times but I just don’t have time to heal my soldiers because of the many options to do…

Just capturing the sites and defend them when I automatically collect resources would be fine as it is. Who did think much more complex is better?


Yes, I’ve commented several times these issues with LOTA

You need more than 1 aircraft because you can’t use your only aircraft wasting time mining, you need to defend havens and destroy Pandoran colonies, and Pandorans also attack your ancient sites and bases

You need many probes to locate the new resources, then the time for excavations(more Arch. Labs is helping) and mining

I don’t know, but we are giving feedback with our own experience and yours, and this mess has to change, and it will


Thank you very much. Sadly this killed all my will to “finish this time with 2. DLC because we got nice and balanced gameplay!”.

-Cleaning those sites were hard already and I think it should be so too.
-Story missions were so easy compared those and I think those missions should be harder and start at later game. If I can’t have time and manpower to get the new resources, there is no point to start to those story as the game starts.
-Getting the sites were strange and maybe unnecessary… you need another room, then probs, then wait…
-Mining them as we talk is the worst way they can implement…
-Defending them… boring… time and resource consuming compared to what you will get.

  • Result, mostly meh weapons… I saw melee, I said pass… I saw shardgun, as a long range player, pass… Explosive weapon… don’t know what is it… if it’s a upg hell 2, my heavies can’t hit it if the enemy is not a building size anyway so pass, then a sniper… omg a sniper… and what it needs is harder then finishing the game…

Thx again!


Is the number of sites limited?
I can’t find a refinery anywhere.
I covered entire world with probes, and nothing. do I have to cover every single island over the Pacific?

You have not,

the number is limited, that’s right

tell me what refinery do you need to find? the Forge for Orichalcum?

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Protean Mutane refinery

I don’t know if locations are always the same,

I know that you have not to check Islands, but sometimes sites are located in little spots not covered with probes

In my previous playthrogh I had to use probes all over the planet until I found that refinery,

usually it is located here: Refinery for Protean Mutane ought to appear in Mexico/USA or Iran

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sadly not in my game :frowning: