Phoenix Point - Year One Edition - Protean Mutane Refinery

Part of Year One Edition, Legacy of the Ancients maps are fun, and tricky

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I would love to see refineries droped / its hard as it is

By rafineries I mean controlling more then mines to get mining.

I ment this

Processing sites are needed for using exotic resources in the manufacturing process. If you want to manufacture a weapon from given exotic material you need to have a sufficient amount of that material and its processing site. Processing sites do not require stationed aircraft.

The process is very tedious, and I am afraid many players with the new PP YOE will avoid those missions, but new maps are great, a shame


Like the maps, love new weapons, love new enemies. Too bad enemies dont have identity - further research, fraction behavior, mutations. But gotta hate the too complex process of obtaining access to resources and harvesting them.

Knowing there are a lot of things going on, I doubt planes can be spared for mining. An building would be nice as replacement. Its hard to find mines, you need to know where processing sites are and protect them, while protecting mines too. Too complex for overall game complexity.

Send out probes early and often to scan, but hold off activating them until mid-game or later. Activate the mines and save the processing sites until later.

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