Alternative ending/victory conditions please

I enjoy PP a great deal, but like other similar games (XC, XC2 for example) I don’t enjoy the grind to the final battles with bosses abounding and the mandatory combat crawl to get there. I like the combat just fine, it is the artificiality & predictability of the grind that gets to me.

So how about devising alternate victory conditions that are more open-ended and don’t depend upon (nearly) scripted lairs & superboss enemies? How about conditions that encompass % of terrain/locations held or union with the separate factions? Or finding & researching key science or relics? Perhaps amassing technology sufficient to build certain projects?

All these suggestions (or more, I’m not limiting to my ideas) could co-exist with the games present victory conditions - player would get to choose a path to victory that suits the player’s preference & strengths or interests. Anything but no just stuck on a few grinding superboss battles at the end.