Haven not visible although New Jericho is "supportive"

I’ve had New Jericho above 25 in support for quite some time now.
However, twice I did an exploration (which takes some time), to finally discover that it is a New Jericho haven.

I thought that all New Jericho havens were supposed to appear once we reach the 25 mark in diplomacy.

Also the whole continents of Africa & South America are completely empty (not a single haven to be seen). It’s not easy to find places where to trade in those conditions.

I play without Festering Skies and the latest DLC (corrupted something).

There was a bug, that I thought was fixed where at 25 the haven still needed full exploration to get revealed. One still needs to travel to the POI, but if it’s a haven of a faction where one is at 25+, it should be revealed instantly. If you still need to do the full exploration, please F10 it.

I’ll F10 next NJ or Syn haven I need to do the whole exploration for

Now you need to reveal locations with scanners and through havens giving you locations of other faction havens.

Currently 25 reputation should only give immediate exploration of once revealed locations of that faction.

Thanks, I spotted some blue “?” next to some of the havens dots. Once I land there they reveal an other spot of interest. That’s nice as it forces you to go to havens rather than seeing all of them at once.

However, I still think that when I arrive to a “?” spot (that is in fact a haven), I shouldn’t have to explore since that’s supposed to be the perk you get at level 25 of diplomacy.

You don’t. If you are Supportive with NJ, any NJ Haven that is within range of a Haven you have already visited will automatically appear with a blue ? on it, to show that you haven’t visited it yet.
When you visit a ? Haven, more POIs appear - and if they are NJ Havens they will appear with a blue ? on them.

As you say, it is designed to make you visit Havens and spread out more slowly, rather than seeing everything on the map.
TBH, it was ridiculous that if you were in the middle of Asia, you somehow knew where every friendly Haven was in the Americas.

Why? If they would give you exact coordinates then I suppose it is not so ridiculous. Unless you talk about question, if they should you give all their coordinates. :slight_smile:

Both solutions are logical, but gameplay-wise current solution with exploration of one by one Haven is more intuitive and not overwhelming.

It’s new for me (haven’t played in 1.5 years), but I now know that I first need to go on havens with a blue question mark on them before exploring nodes next to them.

But I’ll F10 if it happens again. I don’t remember if there were havens close to this part of the map that had question marks on them.

But I like this much more than a sudden access to all havens (at least you know where you’ve been). There were lots of improvements that I appreciate a lot since I came back … but I haven’t finished my first playthrough, so we’ll see a bit later.