Aliens are hive minded or individuals?

Being insect like creatures point the aliens as being under control of a central inteligence, an overmind, but are they really? Do they have any kind of individual consciousness?

It would be one hell of a development if midway through the story a group of aliens contacted Phoenix group claiming to be rebellious and wanting to be free from the hive. It would be up to the player accept, knowing they can be lying, or refuse, knowing they may be refusing a key help to the war effort.

To help the confusion, if the player refused, it would never be revealed the destiny of that alien group, with only vague hints pointing both they were lying AND they were rebellious.

I think that the first thing they would do, would be asking Disciples of Anu for help. Phoenix Project is less popular. :wink:

Probably :smile: Now that I think about this, this game does open itself to serious grey moral missions.

  1. An alien group asks for help, claiming they have split themselves from the main hive, and offering help to the humans in exchange for asylum. The player can either accept without knowing if it’s true or not, and risk a trap, or refuse and leave the aliens to their luck (but losing what can be a precious help);

  2. A human scientist claims to have got through a major breakthrough regarding the pandoravirus, but refuses to help if the player is sided with New Jericho, because he doesn’t like the opressive and militaristic ways of NJ. Either cut with NJ, or kill the scientist to access his research;

  3. A pacifist haven is sitting, without knowing, on top of a nest of a next line of mutants, but they refuse to accept that. Either destroy the entire haven and prevent the new mutants froms gestating, or accept the haven’s help but incurring in much worse aliens down the line.

And so on.


You need to read The Big Egg. The answer is that they retain elements of their original consciousness, while being in a hive mind.

Big Egg starts on page 46.

Alrighty! I was still to finish Briefing #4, as I was reading “The Old Man Of The Sea”, but this Big e
Egg was very interesting. Who/what is the sea child? Who’s calling the character at the end? And the big claw destroying the tower? Is it Cthulu? :smile:

See child is every mutant from pandora virus. At the end probably was Exalted - leader of Children of Anu.

It would be interesting to see just how much individuality Pandora mutants have. Maybe boss monsters would be more individualized than normal alien enemies, to give a bit of personality while fighting them? :octopus:

I agree with Yokes, it’s likely the Exalted. The Sea Child might be someone special, like Cordelia. Or it could juse be any random PV ugly. I hope to know more in the future.

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