Is the Phoenix Project Skynet?

From the limited descriptions of stuff we get in-game it seems like pretty much everything PP has is automated: driverless vehicles, AI research labs, robotic manufacturing plants. So I’m wondering if, according to lore, there are any actual humans in the organisation beyond the few soldiers we recruit?

The first mission appears to show some random soldiers being recruited by an AI tank with a recorded message, which implies there are no living people to give orders. So does that mean the whole organisation is run by a Skynet-style AI (i.e. you, the player) and consists solely of a half-dozen soldiers in a basement full of machines, taking orders from a computer?

Or is there supposed to be an army of support personnel at the bases who are just never shown or mentioned in-game, doing science, engineering, admin, making decisions, etc?

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It would be interesting plot for Phoenix Point 2. After saving the world form Pandora Virus, Phoenix Project would have to deal with it’s own rogue AI.

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Cough Invisible Inc. 2 Cough