Sugestion for Enemy mutations

I am great fan of UFo (XCOM) games and I thing about what nasty enemies can be added in game or DLC

derived from SPIDER:

  • can jump for a long distance
  • net enemies and immobilize them or , pull it closer

derived from PORCUPINE

  • can shot spines from head (burst to all directions)

derived from BUGS

  • when killed explode with acid or poison
  • can have a small bugs inside. When parentbug is killed or damaged they are released and atack anything nearby (but after few turns they die)

derived from SNAKES

  • can spite venom like cobra
  • camouflage (mimic samo partical terrain, and cen be detected by coming closer or detection tools)


  • can not be atacked even if visible
  • only when some special item is destroyed and releas detection substance, than they become vulnerable


  • small vulnerable creatures commands huge golems , that can be destroyed, but after few turns they are reanimated . When the controller is destroyed the golem colapse